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Thursday, 22-May-2014 07:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
3 Tips to Reset Windows 8 password quickly

I own a dell laptop with windows 8. somehow, the password was changed on the admin account. Thankfully, the guest account is on so I can still use the laptop. I tried going to reset admin password but it did not work. What should I do?

Many people forgot the Windows 8 login password. To be honest, forgetting a Windows 8 password is awful, no accessing to your computer and no getting back the important files. Your work or study will be disrupted just due to forgetting the login password. I own an HP computer with Windows 8. Ever I forgot the Windows 8 password so that I couldn’t finish my work in time. How to remove Windows 8 password? I will tell you what I did to reset Windows 8 password.

Tip 1: remove Windows 8 pasword with Windows Password Hint
When setting a Windows password on Windows 8, you are able to create a hint to help you remember the lost or forgotten Windows password. Of course, the password hint will not appear until you input a wrong Windows password. With the help of hint, you can easily remember the forgotten password. Then you can access to your computer.

Tip 2: Use Password remove Disk to remove Windows 8 pasword
You can easily remove forgotten Windows 8 password with a password recovery disk. But you need to create a password remove disk in Windows 8 in advance. The password remove disk can help you remove Windows password when you forget Windows password. No need to worry about anything if you have a password remove disk. In fact, many users don’t know how to create a password remove disk or forget to create one before forgetting Windows login password. So you can prepare a password remove disk in advance in case of emergency

Tip 3: remove Windows 8 Password by Third-Party Program
You have many choices for Third-Party Windows 8 Password Program. An easy and safe program is what you need. Windows Password Reocvery tool” is a good choice, you can have a try.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool on an available PC
Step 2: Insert a blank CD/DVD or a USB Flash device (one is ok) in the available PC, and then you should burn to the CD/DVD or a USB.
Step 3: Please make sure that your PC boots from the CD/DVD-ROM or USB, insert the CD/DVD-ROM or USB and boot your locked computer
Step 4: After loading, you will see the interface of Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard.
Select the user accounts whose password you want to remove, you can recover Windows 8 password in several minutes.

Wednesday, 2-Jan-2013 07:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to Reset Windows 7 Password from Command Prompt?

Forgetting Windows 7 password is one of the worst things you can do, and it makes you feel like a complete idiot. Though there are many ways in the net, If you can’t pick up a good way, it could ruin your days completely. Without losing any data and re-install system, here I will share you a good idea about how to reset windows 7 password using command prompt.

How can I reset my account login password for Windows 7 from Command Prompt?

To reset windows 7 password at the command prompt, you need an administrator account or account that has administrator privileges. Suppose you have lost your administrator account (Mosoh) password, you can do as follow.Windows 7 OS has a built-in administrator account which has no password in it. This account is created during Windows installation, and disable by default. You need to enable that account before losing your other admin account password. Or in this tip your built-in administrator account won’t appear in the screen. Here is guide on how to reset windows 7 password with command prompt.

1. Start your computer and press "F8" while the computer boots up. The Advanced Boot Options screen appears.
2. Scroll down to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press "Enter." Your computer starts in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
3. Select the Administrator account that appear in the screen, then enter command prompt.
4. Type: net user Mosoh 123456 and enter, it will show you a message that” the command completed successfully.
5. Restart your computer, then you can log in as Mosoh with the password 123456. You can go to control Panel to change your account password if necessary.

If you didn’t enable the built-in administrator account or you’ve reset the default administrator account password before and you forgot windows password, in this case you need to find Windows Password Key tool to wipe up the password, it is the best and quick choice.

Here is how to reset windows 7 password with Windows Password Key tool

Step 1: Log in any available computer that you can access to and allow you download. Download and install Windows Password Key tool in that computer.
Step 2: Run and burn Windows Password Key to a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Step 3: Insert the disk to your locked Computer and then boot it from the disk, then you can follow the instruction to reset your password. It’s 100% recovery, so I’m sure you’ll enter your system with that account.


Monday, 24-Dec-2012 07:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
No need to Be a computer Expert to Bypass Windows XP Password

A powerful Windows XP login password provides a layer of protection for your private data, but it may be difficult that you should keep an eye on it. How to proceed should you forgot XP password?

General Solution:

* Recover windows XP password with the password hint.
* Totally reset Windows XP password having a formerly-produced password totally reset disk.
* Totally reset Windows XP password using another admin account.

Recommendation: Windows Password Recovery Tool

The Windows XP password recovery techniques in the above list are helpful, but may be not appropriate for both you and your situation. For the reason that situation, the very best option would be to produce a boot password totally reset disk to bypass Windows XP password. To get this done, you just need a competent windows password totally reset utility.
Windows Password Recovery Tool is a well-liked Home windows password totally reset tool liked by most lost windows password customers. It enables you to definitely bypass any forgotten windows password by burning a boot password totally reset disk with Compact disc/DVD or USB memory stick. It presently supports windows 8/7/Vista/XP//2008/2003/2000. Following may be the how-to:

Part 1: Produce a boot windows XP password totally reset disk

Step 1: Install the windows password totally reset tool in almost any Home windows-based computer that you could run as administrator.
Step 2: Place a USB memory stick or Compact disc/DVD in computer and launch the installed application, after which click Burn USB or Burn Compact disc/DVD button to produce a password totally reset disk. The password totally reset disk is going to be burned inside a couple of seconds.

Part 2: Totally crack windows XP password with boot disk
Step 1: Place the burned boot password totally reset disk within the computer you need to totally reset password of.
Step 2: Energy on the pc and hang it boot in the placed disk. After loading files, Windows Password Recovery Tool with your Windows XP user aaccounts can look.
Step 3:Choose the consumer account you need to totally reset password of and click on Totally reset button.
Step 4:Click OK whenever a dialog box appears to see if you’re sure to totally reset the password from the selected Home windows XP user account. And also the Windows XP user password is going to be totally reset immediately.
Step 5 : Click Reboot button to restart the pc. Please take away the placed boot disk throughout restarting.

Once the windows XP logon screen seems, sign in it without password. That’s all! The entire Windows XP password totally reset process can cost you a maximum of a few minutes. 100% secure. No data loss or damage. You don’t need to feel frustrated whenever you need to remove Windows XP password.

Monday, 10-Dec-2012 08:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I Like That Way to Bypass XP Password, Don't Kill My Windows XP!

Windows XP is a ticking time-bomb with only 500 days to go. Have you heard about that? Given that XP is not exactly famous for its security, April 8, 2014, to be exact -- Microsoft says it will no longer support XP, and that means no more patches and no more security fixes.
So, you can see that, the countdown clock has been ticking on windows XP for only 500 days. Are you ready to throw Windows XP into the trash? I'm not. Don't kill my Windows XP!

On one hand, October 25th is the official release date for Windows 8, but I, for one, have no intention of "upgrading" to Windows 8 from Windows 7 or XP. I'm so hostile to Windows 8 is that it breaks all the old ways of doing things in Windows and offers no real improvements over Windows 7 or XP

On the other hand, thought Windows 7 has some good points. It's a bit faster, it's a bit more secure, it has some nice network features such as Libraries and DirectAccess, and it has Internet Explorer (IE) 9, which is better than IE 8. Of course, Chrome 21 is better than any version of IE and it runs just fine on Windows 7 and XP. I still prefer to Windows XP.

Moreover, if the Windows 8 launch turns out to be as big a disaster, just as I think it will be, Maybe XP will yet see its end of support life extended for a few more years. Who knows?

Well, to be honest, all of this is not my most important reason. I just like the way to bypass XP password. With the third party software, it is easy to operate. Just 3 minutes and few clicks, we can bypass xp password successfully even we are newbies. But for windows 8, it is no so easy. Maybe there are no password recovery software support Windows 8 yet! I think, who knows? I am forgetful and for some reason, I often forget my windows xp password. It's not kidding. But I never worry about that. Do you know why? Umm, this is because Windows Password Recovery Tool. One year ago, I had not used such tool before. That time I forgot my windows xp password, and ask Tonny for help. He recommend me Windows Password Recovery Tool.

First, I download and install Windows Password Recovery from on Tonny's computer. Then Lauch this tool and inser a CD, and click on Burn a Bootable CD. Select the target device CD and click the Reset button. So, in this way, I have burned the bootable password reset disk. (Note: Once this disk is created, you can use it to create a new admin account on the computer that you forgot windows xp password.

second, I start my locked computer from the bootable password reset disk and select the system, and then click Create a new accout button when the Windows Password Recovery interface appears. Type the user name and password for the new administrator account, and then click OK. Click OK when the new admin account is successfully created. Click Reboot button to restart computer and then log into Windows with the new administrator account.

Indeed, I still think XP is one of the best versions of Windows ever. It is easy for me to remove windows xp password when I forgot it for som reasons.

Monday, 26-Nov-2012 02:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Best Windows Password Hacker, You Can't Miss

"Help! My father put a password on my pc and I do not know how to find it! Some can give my a hand here? Cannot logon and use the computer?"

Take it simple, Google knows everything, you just need to search "Windows Password Rcovery Tool" or download it form directly. You will regain access in 3 minutes with this tool

What you need to hack windows password:

1. A PC with a burner that you can run as admin

If you forgot administrator password on your own computer, even you have other standard user account, you cannot download any software. So you need another accessible PC that you can run it as administrator, to download and install the software with CD/DVD/USB.
To burn the software with CD/DVD/USB, the computer must have the burner device, as long as an optical driver or USB driver, which most PCs have.
With the above three items, you would recover Windows 7 password easily and effectively.

2. A blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive

Most Windows Password Recovery software requires a blank or erasable CD/DVD/USB for burning a disk to reset or recover password, like Windows Password Recovery Tool.
Note: Remember to backup your files in the storage media, as its data will be erased during burning the disk.

3. Windows password recovery software

Today there are many fantastic tools, aiming at users who lost Windows login password, either freeware or commercial program.
The disadvantage of freeware, such as Offline NT Password & Registry Editor and Ophcrack, is that it is not simple enough to use for a novice. And some have operating system limitations. Consider these factors and select a tool that suits you best: reliability, usability, price, speed and so on.
As to commercial one, though the Windows password hacker cost a bit, it is well designed for all users to easily handle with the software, and allows users to get instant access to the locked computer by recovering the original password or resetting the password to blank.

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